Winter engagement / St. Paul

A few favorite photo’s from an engagement session yesterday at The Happy Gnome in St. Paul. It was so much fun working with Carrie & Garrett! Having the opportunity to shoot their engagement photo’s at the very same place they met made the experience truly unique and special! Also, a special shoutout to the entire staff at The Happy Gnome for their warm hospitality.

Ice Castle in Stillwater

Sharing a few snaps from our family trip to the beautiful Ice Castles exhibit in Stillwater, MN today.  The acre-sized winter wonderland is crafted by hand, using icicles and water.  It resembles organic formations found in nature, like frozen waterfalls, glaciers or ice caves. It’s an amazing place to visit and I highly recommend it. Be sure to bring your camera!

Weekend hiking adventure in Taylors Falls

The past few weekends have been busy with photo shoots so yesterday I took advantage of the weekend off and drove to Taylors Falls MN to do some fall color peeping. I hiked along the St. Croix river at Interstate Sate Park. The fall color was absolutely stunning! Here are some images I shot during my visit yesterday.

Polli-Nation Festival 2016!

I’m super thrilled to be partnering with the crew at Pollinator Friendly alliance this year, in photographing Polli-NATION festival in beautiful Stillwater, MN - Sunday, September 11th! The day will be filled with interactive art and games, twin cities best food trucks, Surly craft brews, sociable cider, a great lineup of indie bands, people, and fun times. All for the bees! 

Advanced tickets available here!

 Hope to see you there!

24 hours at the north shore

A few random snaps from a short trip to Duluth and the north shore this week. It was a brief visit, but we packed a lot fun into the short time we had.


Weekend in the BWCA

A few snaps from a recent autumn trip to Ely MN and the BWCA. The highlight of the weekend was a canoe excursion on North Hegman lake located in the Boundary Waters.  Our outfitter and guide was Steve Johnson from Piragis Outfitters (Ely, MN), whom had met during our first visit to the region seven years ago. His extensive knowledge of the area made the trip both educational and fun for all of us.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit the BWCA I highly recommend it - it’s an experience you’ll never forget!

Twin Cities Marathon

Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph the annual Twin Cities Marathon along with a few other freelance editorial photographers from the twin cities. I was stationed at mile 24 just a few miles from the finish line. It was an incredible expereince! The energy and enthusiasm of the runners and the crowd was electrifying and so inspiring!  It was the first marathon I shot, and I look forward to many more events like this. 

Everything old is new again

A couple of Saturday’s ago while browsing old film cameras at a local camera store, I stumbled across an Olympus OM-1. I had every intention that day of scoring a deal on an old Canon AE-1, which I shot with in high school, but there was something about the OM-1 that grabbed my attention.  It was probably because the first SLR I owned was an OM-2 my parents gave to me when I was sixteen - naturally the Olympus felt close to heart.

Eager to get out shoot with it, I took my daughter with me to a local park one evening last week for some test shots.  Here is a small selection of images from my new (but old) Olympus OM-1. All were shot with a 50mm F/1.8 Zuiko lens and Kodak Ektar 100.

There’s certainly nothing spectacular about any of these images; in fact, some are slightly out of focus, and the composition is off. None of that matters to me though because there’s a certain feeling I get every time I pick up this old camera, and its vastly different from my modern DSLR. The only way I can describe it is that it’s sort of like seeing an old familiar friend again for the first time in years. It just feels good to be back together again.

Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock Closing

I dodged a few raindrops tonight to catch a glimpse of the Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock in full operation for the last time.  Congress last year ordered the lock closed to try to stop the northward spread of invasive Asian carp up the Mississippi so the lock will be closed permanently effective midnight tonight.

The lock first opened in 1963 and was operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Since then it has served as a channel for boaters and kayakers.  

untitled (48 of 108).jpg

It’s disappointment to see another chapter in Minneapolis history come to a close, but hopefully the plan to block an invasive species will work.

It turned out to be a beautiful evening on the Mississippi though, so at least the night wasn't a total disappointment

2015 FAIR school prom

As a parent, it’s bittersweet watching your children grow older. Those feelings were magnified last weekend as I had the opportunity to shoot some pre-prom photos at the Lyndale Park Rose Garden in Minneapolis with my daughter and friends from FAIR school. The kids looked absolutely amazing, and I had so much fun working with them!

To see the full gallery of images click here.

Twin Cities Heart Walk

Had a fun time today at a photo shoot for the American Heart Association annual Twin Cities Heart Walk. The walk event kicked off with a huge celebration at Target field, and was sponsored by several local companies, Despite chilly temperatures, we had a fantastic turnout and I had a terrific time!

Pike Place Market - Seattle

On a business trip to Seattle this week, I spent some free time exploring the Pike Place Market. I don’t usually bring my camera when traveling for work, but Seattle is city I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I can remember so it was a no brainer. 

The Market is popular tourist stop and bustling with activity

Experiences like this make traveling for work so much more enjoyable!

Skills workshop

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to participate in a lighting skills workshop hosted by local photographer Andy Swarbrick at The Yarnery in St. Paul.  It was fun and relaxing event, and an excellent learning experience on tabletop/product photography.  Andy is amazing teacher and I was happy to finally have the opportunity to work with him!